No Mess Painting!

Hey everyone Jade here!

Most of us have been in quarantine for about a month now. As a mom I know how difficult it can be to keep the little ones occupied and entertained so we can keep a little bit of our sanity. Lol. So for today lets talk about a really neat project that is not only fun but a breeze to clean up!



  • Painters tape (any tape will really do, painters tape is just easy to pull up)
  • Plastic wrap (cling wrap might work, I just don’t know how well)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paper

Step 1:

Place a piece of plastic wrap on the floor and tape down

Step 2:

Place your paper down on the plastic wrap. Then begin dropping the paint on the paper.

Step 3:

Take another piece of plastic wrap and place it on top of the paper. Tape down the sides.

Step 4:

Have fun! Push the paint around using your hands, fingers or any soft object such as a q-tip (Any thing pointy or sharp with rip the plastic wrap.)

When finished, just remove the top layer of plastic wrap and set aside your painting to dry. You can then add another piece of paper and start all over again.  When your ready for clean up just unpeel the tape and the plastic wrap and throw away. You’re good to go. No mess on the floor, no messy hands and no paint stained clothes.

We did this for a good 2 hours in my house the other day. Here is just one of our completed paintings.

Stay tuned for more fun a crafts! Also stay home and stay safe!



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